• ​Rohtang La- 13050 feet (3978 metres)

  • Baralacha La- 16040 feet (4890 metres)

  • Lachung La- 16000 feet (4880 metres)

  • Nakee La- 15547 feet (4739 metres)

  • Tanglang La- 17480 feet (5328 metres)

  • Khardung La- 17582 feet (5359 metres)

  • Wari La- 17428 feet (5312 metres)

  • Chang La- 17590 feet (5360 metres)


  • All meals & beverages (non-alcoholic) on all days

  • Back-up vehicle throughout the trip

  • 1 Mechanic & back-up rider

  • Experienced trip lead

  • Camera crew & first aid provider with NOLS certification

  • Accomodation throughout the trip in the best rated hotels and tents on double sharing basis

  • All permit and entry fees (for Indians)



  • ​Ride through 8 breathtaking Himalayan high altitude passes, 4 of which are among the world's top 12 highest motorable roads

  • Scale the famous Khardung La!

  • Ride to the world's highest salt water lake, Pangong Tso (14270 feet)

  • Ride through the gorgeous high altitude desert- Nubra Valley

  • Spot wild yaks, horses and bacterian (double humped) camels in the wild

  • Explore the roads less taken in the truest sense from Agham to Sakti via the trecherous Wari La




DAY 1: MANALI (17th June, 2017)


Arrive in Manali and meet up with your co-riders. You will then be briefed on what to expect in terms of weather and road conditions over the next 15 days. Check up your motorbikes and see that everything is working well. 

Riders are expected to reach Manali by afternoon, along with ensuring their bikes are also delivered in Manali.

Accommodation: Double sharing in hotel in Manali town.

Meal Exclusions: Breakfast


DAY 2: MANALI TO KEYLONG (115 kms) (18th June, 2017)


Today, we start our epic ride to fulfil our dream of riding in some of the most challenging landscapes in the world!

Although a National Highway, it isn't like any of the NHs in the plains! We start very early in the morning in order to avoid the chaotic traffic jam that is typical of Rohtang Pass, our first of the high altitude passes on this trip. Tandi is the last place on this highway that has a petrol pump, so we fill our tanks to the brim and stay the night in Keylong.

Accommodation: Double sharing in a well rated HP Tourism hotel in Keylong town.


DAY 3: KEYLONG TO SARCHU (110 kms) (19th June, 2017)

An early start from this picturesque town, and we ride through one of the most beautiful passes on Manali- Leh highway, Baralacha La. The beautiful landscapes and stunning views of the mountains will wake up the photographer in you, even if you aren't a photographer! The ride involves an ascend to higher altitudes and many a water crossings due to the melting snow on the peaks. We stay the night in tents at Sarchu, a high altitude post which is the HP and J&K border. 

Accommodation: Well set up camp with basic amenities on double sharing in Sarchu.

DAY 4: SARCHU TO LEH (250 kms) (20th June, 2017)

It is gong to be a long day, with us crossing 3 high altitude passes- Lachung La, Nakee La and Tanglang La. We also ride through the vast and beautiful Morey plains and the picturesque Gata loops. We will come across many water crossings, just like the past 2 days, but we will be used to them by now! 

3 days of a magical journey and we retire for the night in the charming city of Leh.

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh.


DAY 5: LEH (21st June, 2017)

The plan for the day is that there is no plan! Today is one of the few days on the trip where those who would like to, can sleep as long as they want, considering is it not a luxury we can afford on the other days! But basically, we decide how we want to spend our time today. There is so much to do and see in and around Leh we could choose to do that, or just explore the bazaars and markets or simply do nothing!

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh


DAY 6: LEH (22nd June, 2017)

Another day of free time in Leh to get us charged up for the gorgeous and challenging ride to the highest motorable road in the world- Khardung La, and onward to the cold desert of Hunder.

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh.


DAY 7: LEH TO KHARDUNG LA AND HUNDER (130 kms) (23rd June, 2017)


We ride to one of the most exciting places of the ride- Khardung La. An early start from Leh, chai at the 'highest cafeteria in the world' on Khardung La top, and we ride further to the magnificent desert of Hunder with its ever-altering sand dunes. We can ride on the double-humped camel back in the desert before retiring for a night of fun and camp fire in Hunder.

Accommodation: Double sharing in a guesthouse in Hunder.


DAY 8: HUNDER TO WARI LA AND LEH (170 kms) (24th June, 2017)


This is an indirect route from Hunder to Leh, instead of taking Khardung La again. Wari La is rarely taken by people due to to the lack of connectivity, food or help that is available on this route. Wari La is known to be trecherous and one mechanical failure will lose us many hours. The challenge that lies here is where the excitement of this ride lies. 

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh


DAY 9: LEH (25th June, 2017)


A day to relax in the gorgeous town of Leh. 

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh


DAY 10: LEH- SPANGMIK (160 kms) (26th June, 2017)


We take the route from Leh over Chang La to Spangmik on the banks of Pangong Tso. An early start from Leh is imperative to ensure we do not get a lot of water crossings on Chang la which is famous for its trecherous ascend towards the top of the pass and innumerable water water crossings as we near the lake. 

Accommodation: Double sharing in a gorgeous tent near the lake.


DAY 11: SPANGMIK TO LEH (160 kms) (27th June, 2017)


We retrace the same route as yesterday back to Leh. 

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh


DAY 12: LEH (28th June, 2017)


A break-day in Leh before we start the beautiful ride back to Manali through the epic Manali-Leh highway!

Accommodation: Double sharing in one of the best rated hotels in Leh


DAY 13: LEH TO SARCHU (250 kms) (29th June, 2017)


A beautiful ride through Gata loops, Morey plains, Tanglang La, Nakee La and Lachung La and we return back to the camp in Sarchu.

Accommodation: Same as before


DAY 14: SARCHU TO KEYLONG (110 kms) (30th June, 2017)


The same route back to Keylong from Sarchu over Baralacha La. 

Accommodation: Same as before


DAY 15: KEYLONG TO MANALI (115 kms) (1st July, 2017)

Our last riding day, and we return in Manali, having rode through some of the most challenging and beautiful landscapes on earth!

Accommodation: Same as before


DAY 16: DEPART FROM MANALI (2nd July, 2017)

Pack bags and head out of Manali. 

Guests are provided with breakfast today. 

CLICK HERE for details on booking, cancellation and terms & conditions


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Pictures from The Himalayan Sojourn 2.0

Route Map

WHERE : Manali - Leh - Khardung La - Wari la - Chang La - Pangong Tso - Leh - Manali

DISTANCE : 1800 kms (approx) over 10 riding days

DATES : 17th June 2017 - 2nd July 2017 (16 days)


Ladakh is best experienced on a motorcycle!


Test your limits, experience magic and create a wallpaper of memories that will last you a lifetime in exploring some of the most remote and beautiful landscapes of the Himalayas.


The Mountains will call you, but the question is- Will you go?!

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