This is not like a movie with a hero, a heroine and a villain. This story is about a Circus that loved to travel. The crew always loved travelling, but never thought that the travel bug would bite them forever!

Pops is the ring-master of this circus. Now you may think the ring-master is the one who brings in the sanity. Nope! He is the one who brings in the absolute insanity! He hears of a place, he wants to be there. He doesn’t care about the how, just knows the where, and knows he wants to be there. The ring master aka Pops aka GV aka Achchu aka Vasu, as many people who love him call him, is a 67 year young crazy man! He has a Limca Record for being the ‘Oldest man to ride to the highest motorable road in the World- Khardung La’. The most experienced in the Circus, he knows the Bullet inside out. The go-to guy for anything to do with the bike, the mechanic on the go, he has his jugaad for most things with the bike, till we reach the next mechanic shop!

What is a Circus without the Joker right? Satvik, the ring-master’s son-in-law is the super fun, happy Joker. The ring-master and Joker have forever been partners in crime and then the Joker married the ring-master’s daughter! The Joker is an epitome of peace, joy, contentment and living a happy life. On all the journeys he is the one who shouts out to the locals, gives thumbs ups to other travellers, speaks to the chai walas about their lives, shares stories with anyone who cares to listen, gives a lift to anyone who asks for one, takes pictures with the local kids, tries the local food everywhere he goes and shows genuine interest in learning anything he can while travelling. He has no qualms, takes things as they come, and lives by the motto of spreading happiness in all ways he can. When the circus decided to hit the Himalayas during The Himalayan Sojourn 1.0 in 2011, the Joker and the ring-master rode all the way from Bangalore to Delhi where the rest of the platoon joined them! Now you know why they are both crazy!

Shubra (the Sherni of the Circus)is the plotter. She is insane, like her father, but she cares for the how. Once she locks in on her destination, she carefully plans, leaves no scope for error, gives attention to every minute detail, and then guns for it with all her might! She is the bond that keeps the Circus together. She brings in the many different characters for the Circus to travel places, each time making the Circus ride a whooping success. Behind the charisma and beauty, beware, she has retractable claws! :D In her first year of riding, she covered 30k kms on the odometer, covering much of the south of India, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and the mecca for riders- Lakadh. With a Limca Record title, she aspires to travel the world and inspire more women to become Shernis through motorcycling, to give wings to their dreams!

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