Satvik was always a huge fan of Bullets. So was Pops. As for Shubra, she loved the Bullet but never in the wildest of her dreams imagined she would fall in love with it so much!

Come 1st week of February 2010, and the Satvik’s mom asked him what he wanted for his big birthday- his 25th. He wanted a Bullet, he knew it, but wasn’t sure what his mom had in mind. The minute she told him her budget, he said it! :D Early morning of his birthday, the 17th of Feb, off he went on a state transport bus from Bangalore to Mysore. He had his short-list of the bulls. He lay his eyes on the ‘Lone Tusker’ (rechristened to Rogue Elephant today), he knew that was meant for him. One test ride, and Satvik paid cash, got the legal work done and gave Shubra a call, asking her to meet him at a coffee shop in Bangalore in 3 hours!

No stops, he thumped his way to the coffee shop and what a celebration it was! Just the two of them, sat and discussed how they would one day go around the world on that bike :)

Shubra knew to ride a geared bike at the age of 14. She could ride with ease. She had even rode a bullet once before in her life, for a distance of 20 mtrs! But this was different. This tusker was the exact opposite of all bikes she had rode. The gear was on the right, and the brakes on the left! The gears shifted in the opposite way! It was weird.

A day after Satvik’s bullet arrived, she decided to let go of her feelings of discomfort about riding his bike and took a small ride. She came back and went on another slightly longer ride. That moment, she knew she wanted it too!

A few days later, Satvik had to go out of town for a few days, and left his bike with Pops. For those 2–3 days, Pops, Shubra and everybody in the family went berserk with memories of the times when Pops owned a bullet decades ago!

Over the next few months, Satvik would take off to places by himself at all times of the day and night. No path planned. No destination decided. Shubra was out of country for a few months, and Pops would meet the Satvik now and then to take the bike for a spin.

For her birthday that year, Shubra’s brother Srikanth asked her if she liked black, maroon or blue. She said Black! He said “but for what I plan to gift you, i think you will like blue better”! He had booked a Classic 500 blue 2 months before her birthday. But since the colour wasn’t available, Shubra got a belated birthday gift! But boy wasn’t it worth the wait!

Pops would ride Shubra’s bike to many places, would take great care of it, and the three would go on short rides. They covered Kemmangundi, Nilgiri Sojourn, Tonnuru Kere, and many other places with 2 bikes and another bike they would borrow from friends!

On Pops’ 61st birthday arrived a gorgeous Machismo 500, the final entry into the Circus! The Circus had officially arrived!

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