Amrutha Varshini Kashinath is a female, working at a corporate company in Bangalore (which means leaves are counted), doesn't own a geared motorcycle of her own, did not know to ride a motorcycle till 2015, neither is loaded with cash with which she has just afford to travel on her terms!

Sounds like a person who might never get into motorcycling, right?

That's where you are wrong.. Amrutha first joined The Travelling Circus on the "Western Indian Travelling Circus" tour of Gujarat and Rajasthan. She was the only pillion. During the course of the ride, she borrowed other riders' bikes to take short spins in places (since she knew to drive a car and ride a gear-less bike, it didn't take her long). Half way through the ride, one rider met with an accident, in the remote areas of Gujarat. Amrutha stepped forward with confidence, offered to ride the bike while the other rider started riding pillion, and over the next 8-9 days of the ride, was a pro motorcyclist! She rode in extreme cold, rode till the middle of the night when the group had a few delays, and even rode through a non-existent highway that was just 1-foot of sand, for 6 hours!

She didn't say it was easy. All she said was, "the show must go on".

This was way back in January 2015. She still does not own a bike of her own, neither has she quit her day job! Despite that, she has motorcycled over 15000 kms in the past year and a half, to Varkala in Kerala, Mandalpatti in Coorg, Bangalore-Mumbai-Goa, Kodachadri in Shomiga, Satyamangala in Karnataka, Ladakh, and even the dreaded Spiti Valley circuit!

When asked how she manages her leaves and balancing work-life, she says "You will always find a way to do the things that really really make you happy!"

Amrutha is fondly called "Chetak" and the Circus riders gifted her a horse as a reminder to stay her awesome self always!

Focus on what you have, and what is working for you, and find a way to make it work better and more! Personally, before thinking and pondering over why certain things are impossible, I have learnt to see what resources I already have that might just work and help me achieve what I want!

Cheers Amy!



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