Come weekend, and a lot of us wonder which is that place we can ride to, which won't have the huge herds of tourists!

Here are some 5 epic day-trips you must do on a motorcycle around Bangalore, not just for the destination itself, but for the awesome country roads with minimal civilisation they take you through!

1. Chunchi Falls

Located 90 kms from Bangalore, Chunchi Falls is a beautiful waterfall that sees very little tourists even on weekends. It takes you through some beautiful interior roads with a huge number of households involved in silk worm farming! The motorcycles can ride up till one point, after which you need to trek down a hill to get to the waterfall. Now would be the best time to ride here, with the sun not being very harsh, and the waterfall being in full flow!

Must Visit: One of the many houses that is involved in silk-work farming

Ride Time: 2-3 Hours depending on which part of Bangalore you start from

Route: Take a left at Kanakapura, and ride for 21.5 kms and then take a left turn into a much smaller track. 6.5 kms from the turn, and you reach the last point till where motorcycles can ride.

Picture Credit: Kabeera

The beautiful ride through small villages & country roads

Picture Credit: Kabeera

The little pond from the waterfall, where one could actually swim!

Picture Credit: Kabeera

One of the many families involved in silk worm farming

Picture Credit: Kabeera

The waterfall, during summer..

2. Dzogchen Monastery

Located 187 kms from Bangalore, Dzogchen Monastery is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Monastery & Tibetan Settlement. The whole place has great energy and vibes, similar to that of the Tibetan Monastery of Bylakuppe. The ride is through the road less taken ahead of Kanakapura towards Satyamangala Forest, with its lush greenery and serene landscape.

Must Visit: The Monastery itself

Ride Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Route: Bangalore- Kanakapura- Malavalli- Kollegala- Dzogchen Monastery

Picture Courtest: Vijai Sai

The beautiful ride through the roads less taken

Picture Courtest: Varun Rao

Dzogchen Monastery

3. Tonnur Kere (Lake Tonnur) Located 140 kms from Bangalore in Mandya district off the Bangalore-Mysore highway, Tonnur Kere is a vast lake famous for its pristine waters and gorgeous landscape. Although Tonnur Kere has gained popularity in recent years, it should be on your list of places to ride to, for the sheer size of the lake and its beauty! It even offers a small bit of off-roading for those of you seeking some off-road adventure :) Must-visit: The trek up the hillock alonside the lake for the best view of the lake

Ride TIme: 1.5-2 hours

Route: Bangalore- Mandya- Pandavapura- Tonnur Kere

The trek up the hillock and the view of the lake

4. Hogenakkal, off the usual path

While Hogenakkal is a popular tourist attraction, try this alternate route to get to Hogenakkal, avoiding the route that everyone takes!

It takes you alongside the river Kaveri for many miles, has winding ghat roads amidst lush forests, beautiful villages with distant views of the surrounding hills and little bylanes with absolutely no people!

Total Distance: 280 kms

Must Visit: This route mentioned below

Ride Time: 8 hours, for the entire loop from Bangalore to Bangalore

Route: Bangalore- Hosur- Rayakottai- Palacode- Pauparapatti- Pennagaram- Hogenakkal- Anchetty- Hosur- Bangalore

Winding roads with fresh forest air!

River Kaveri for company..

5. Somanathapura Temple:

Somanathapura is home to one of the finest architectural temple by the Hoysala Dynasty- Chennakesava Temple. Located 140 kms from Bangalore close to Mysore, the ride along Kanakapura road and further is a delightful one! The Temple also leaves one astonished at the beauty of the sculptures, both on the walls and on the ceilings of the Temple way back in 1268.

Must Visit: Chennakesava Temple

Ride Time: 2-2.5 hours

Route: Bangalore- Kanakapura- Sathanuru- Malavalli- Bannur- Somanathapura

The beautiful sculptures of the Temple

If you need any help with further details or routes to any of these places, just write to us in the comments, and we would be happy to help you plan your ride.

If you have rode here, tell us about your experiences. We would love to know how you liked riding here!

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