Kinnaur & Spiti, the land that we had heard so much about. The ride that had been on our mind for over a year. The ride that people who had been there talked very highly about.

But we hadn't been there, and while we knew this would be one of the most beautiful rides of 2016, we did not know exactly what to expect.

Stories from other travellers varied from "the roads are absolutely terrible" to "roads are pretty good", from "it's full of landslides" to "we saw a bus go down", from "people are very warm" to "someone robbed me"!

We knew we had to get our own version to this side of the Himalayas, a lesser know route in comparison to its more famous counterpart- Ladakh!

Early in February this year, soon after we completed our ride & skiing course in Uttarakhand, we knew this was going to be the Year of the Himalayas for us!

The Himalayan Sojourn 2.0 was happening in early July and all arrangements were made in preparing for it. Satvik, I & Pops decided to complete the ride of Ladakh and then start afresh on a recce ride of Kinnaur & Spiti! The idea was born!

After the successful completion of The Himalayan Sojourn 2.0, discussing the exciting ride ahead over a beer!

Our excitement about The Trans-Himalayan Adventure spread among friends, and we were soon a group of friends on this ride. Amrutha & Sai decided to continue on this ride after The Himalayan Sojourn 2.0. Varun, who had rode with the Circus on the first Himalayan Sojourn in 2011 jumped in and said he was coming on this ride! Shreyas, who had a rally during The Himalayan Sojourn 2.0 was bummed out about not riding to Ladakh and instead decided to join this ride. The last surprise entry was Mr Ravindran, Varun's dad. He had heard many a stories from Varun about how beautiful it was to ride in the Himalayas, and after his retirement a few months ago, finally had free time & decided to join the ride.

So, with the 8 of us, (which later turned out to be 7 of us, as Pops dropped out and headed back home from the Ladakh ride), The Trans-Himalayan Adventure was on; and boy what an absolutely incredible ride this was!

Full travelogue coming soon! Here is a gist of what you will see in the travelogue :)



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