Is Experiential Travel the New Way Forward?

Travel is an ever-evolving process. The best part of travelling is the flexibility and fluidity it brings to our perspectives. In my own experience, my earliest memories of travelling were with my family. These family trip was a regular feature during school holidays where we visited popular places of interest. As much as it was about sightseeing, it was also about spending quality time with family.

The natural progression of this was the college trips I took with friends. It was more about spending some awesome moments with friends and creating those everlasting memories. Places did not matter much — the company was what mattered.

As my travelling evolved, I started looking for more from travelling. Solo travel had its own charm. My band of people I travelled shrunk and became more of people who resonated with my outlook towards life. Travel also meant seeking out and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, understanding history of the places I visited.

This whole experience bought in a new perspective in me. I was more open minded, accommodating and generally more accepting of things around. Experiencing new cultures gave me unique insights into lives and thoughts of people who came from different backgrounds. It made me more sensitive and empathetic as a person.

I believe in the times that we live now, this is the kind of travel experiences we are all looking at. Having experienced it first hand, I can vouch that it was a beautiful process of new experiences that unfold organically. With this thought in mind, I attended the Sterling Holidays new launch of curated experience based travel programs. What really caught my attention was their hashtag — #HolidayDifferently. I was really impressed with the fact that a company of Sterling’s stature and reach is actually putting together these amazing travel destinations with an experiential approach.

At the launch, Mr. Peshwa, the CMO of Sterling Holidays spoke about how they have been handpicking brilliant curated holiday experiences across India. Whether it is a heritage trail exploring the lives of native Todas in Ooty, Tea trails in Darjeeling or the Handicraft tours in Dindi - most of these experiences are inspired by the Mr. Peshwa and his team's personal travel experiences.

Going beyond the usual routine, the team has also introduced many unique initiatives to make your holidays much richer and more memorable. One such experience is the 100 days of festivities. The team has shortlisted 100 events including popular festivals that it celebrates will all eagerness in all their properties across India. This means, when you are at a Sterling property, there is never a dull moment. I believe that given the family friendliness of their properties and along with this amazing new offering, it makes for a complete holiday package with some wonderful insights about the place, culture and people one is visiting. One property I have my eyes set on is the Dindi property that Sterling has. Personally, having rode across the area, I have wanted to explore the marshy backwaters near Vijayawada in Andhra. But due to various reasons, it has always gotten pushed — but now I have a strong reason to explore the place, the serene backwaters and go on a culinary adventure.

If you are planning a family holiday or a holiday with friends, why not try something out of the box and #HolidayDifferently? Try out their new experiential holidays here at the below link:

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