5 Reasons why a Sikkim Motorcycle Adventure is epic!

Sikkim. A state we have often noticed due to its protrusion while drawing a map of India in school. Most people know very little about Sikkim. But if you are motorcyclist who loves to explore great places, here is something you should know about Sikkim- The virgin land is an absolutely stunning place to be motorcycling in!

The second smallest state of India, Sikkim is engulfed by the mighty Himalayas on three sides, sandwiched between Nepal to the West, Tibet to the North, Bhutan to the East and the Indian state of West Bengal to the South. The result- a rich, distinctive culture. It almost seems like Sikkim has got the best traits of its neighbours!

Here are 5 reasons why your next big motorcycle adventure must and must be Sikkim!

1. Ride through stunningly varied landscapes

Picture Credit: Stories of Kabeera

For being one of the smallest states of the Country, Sikkim offers a huge variety of landscapes. North Sikkim is full of snow-clad mountains, lakes, streams and yaks, while West Sikkim is lush green. Owing to the presence to the Kanchenzonga National Park, you will see lush green mountains and a massive variety of flora and fauna in the West.

The landscape seems to change every few minutes, and I bet you cannot resist the temptation to click a few pictures every few metres on your ride!

2. People make travel beautiful. You will find wonderful people in Sikkim

Picture Credit: Stories of Kabeera

The Sikkimese are happy, polite and warm people. They will go out of their way to be of any help to you. The one thing that stands out about them is their love for Sikkim and its culture. For them, their state is their 'Home', and they will never trash their home or let anyone trash it either. Respect!

3. Cuisine like no other!

There is probably no one place that can offer you the most authentic food of another place. But in Sikkim, it is possible. Try delicious Tibetan, Bhutanese and Nepali food, all in one day, through just a walk down the famous MG Marg of Gangtok!

4. Experience a beautiful amalgamation of cultures!

Picture Credit: Stories of Kabeera

Sikkim has 11 official languages. Doesn't that give you an idea of the kind of amalgamation we are talking about? Like I said earlier, Sikkim has truly got the best of traits, culture and customs of all its neighbours.

5. Be ready to be surprised at every corner

Picture Credit: Stories of Kabeera

Sikkim is a land of many waterfalls, fresh water streams, combination of great roads to off-roads, high altitude passes and innumerable lakes. You never know what awaits you at the next corner. Whatever it is, it will definitely surprise you!

Excited to go on a motorcycle trip of Sikkim?

We are riding to Sikkim! Join us. Click here for details.

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