The 13-Point Guidebook to Motorbiking in Ladakh

Ladakh, the land of high passes. One visit to this place and you know that you are definitely coming back! For many, including myself, Ladakh is one place that is best visited on motorcycles! Reasons for this are many, each one has his or her own reasons for why they want to visit this place on motorcycles. For me, the challenge of it, the beauty I experience from the seat of my bike & the adventure of it all is an experience in its totality- one which I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world!

In this 13-point comprehensive guide to riding to Ladakh, you will get all the resources and planning to make your dream ride to Ladakh come true!

The Contents of this Guide are paced out into 13 broad Categories-

1. A Brief about riding in Ladakh

2. Pre-preparation - 6 months before the ride

3. Transport & Logistics

4. Pre-preparation - 3 months before the ride

5. Riding Gear

6. Pre-preparation - 1 month before the ride

7. The Health Aspect

8. Permits

9. Distance & Time-taken

10. Packing List

11. Itineraries

12. Accommodation Options

13. #GoExplore

Just these 13 points, and you are ready to start off an an adventure of a lifetime!


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